Prep America is the Blog Voice of Preparedness Industries. Preparedness industries runs three online shopping communities. Preparedness.com | Safetycentral.com | Survivalstore.com

Supplies that can be found at our store locations online:

  • Food and water Supplies – Both Emergency Prep supplies and Outdoor/Camping supplies. Large Bulk quantities and individual packages available.
  • Health and Wellness Supplies – From First aid Kits to Water Filtration and Personal care items. Servicing both medical Facilities and large demand items and individuals looking for a great deal on personal care items.
  • Safety & Security Supplies  – First Aid Kits, Medical supplies, Emergency Kits, Road Safety equipment, Bio terrorism Supplies, Self defense, Earthquake Safety Supplies, Fire extinguishers and alarms.
  • Electronics – Portable Power Centers, Solar Power Recharge Stations, Lights and Lanterns, Radios, NOAA Alert radios, Air horns and more.
  • Camping / Outdoor and Survival – Tents / shelters, Food/Water supplies, Portable Toilets, Camp showers, Lanterns, Portable Power centers, Wilderness Survival, Cold Weather Gear, Storage containers, Safety whistles, Waterproof Storage, sleeping bags, Boating safety Camping Gear repair & More.
  • Military / Tactical Gear – Military, Police, Tactical and Spy / surveillance gear.

Prep America aims to supply information that is helpful in a lot of emergency and survival situations. The items we discuss will routinely feature items we carry, but will also include products that are just helpful to people who want to be prepared.

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