Shit Bugs

LOL! Dont forget your Headnets while hiking the PCT along dicks Pass in the desolation wilderness. Horse Flys Revenge. Check out this great read from Tandemtrekking. they are on their PCT adventure and just reached the Desolation wilderness Area.

Great images and perspective from a first time visitor.

Oh yeah and has a great selection of Head nets in stock if you need a new one shipped out.

tandem trekking

You know, sometimes you don’t really appreciate something, until something much worse comes along. Which brings me to the topic of our new friends: Flies. Backflies and horseflies to be exact. We met them for the first time near the top of Dicks Pass after hiking out of Echo Summit. It was a “nero” day for us (basically at this point anything under twenty miles is considered a nero day) and we just needed to get out far enough to make the days into Truckee doable. After leaving Echo Summit we headed down to Echo Lake and shortly after that we saw a sign informing us that we were entering the Desolation Wilderness. So THAT’S where the Desolation Wilderness is.

A little backstory, when you are hiking the PCT (or maybe this is just us, or maybe this is just our lack of knowledge about California) you really have no…

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