Time to Restock for Camping Season

The Global past time of camping  is generally thought of as a summer activity by the majority. So typically families or campers will get in one or two fall trips and then stubbornly put away the tent and all the gear for winter.  Then when spring rolls around we start making plans for our first camping trips and family gatherings int he woods or at the beach etc..

If you were like my family at all, you probably put away your gear in the fall  maybe a little more warn, little less supplied then you like to be, so Spring is a great time to restock and re-evaluate your gear and inventory.  If you are using your gear also as an emergency survival package in case the SHTF… you most definitely want to review your gear and get stocked up.


Here is a quick checklist for restocking or evaluating gear for this season’s trips:

Camping and Gear Checklist

  • Tent Zippers – Often the first item to go on an old tent is the Zipper. A bad zipper can be replaced or most start shopping for that next Tent. Get a Tent Repair kit for the job.
  • Tent Poles – Tent poles are easier than the zipper to replace. But never want to discover that broken pole when you get to the campsite. Take time to set your tent up in the backyard or living room floor to verify it is structurally sound.
  • Water Cooler – Clean it out, check for cracked handles or broken seals.
  • Tent Stakes – How many did you mangle last season?
  • Camp shovel and Axe (Hatchet) – tend to loan it to myself for home project and then forget to put back with supplies
  • Battery Check – Battery Powered Lanterns or flashlights always need new batteries for the season.
  • Mosquito Spray or Netting – Zika may not be a huge issue where you are at, but still in regions that had a lot of moisture this winter, mosquitoes are sure to be out in force for early season camping.
  • Newspaper or Fire Starting material.  I like carrying old newspaper, but whatever fuel you use to help start the campfire. Most likely you used most on your last trip.
  • Sanitation – TP, Toilet Seats, Hand Wipes, etc….  always stock supply of biodegradable Toilet Paper, if you like the Toilet seat idea consider a bucket and bag system or just using a plastic seat in make shift hole platform.
  • Sleeping bag check. Zippers, Comfort, cleanliness.  Nothing worse than climbing into a dirty bag from last season, or into your husband’s hunting bag that smells like elk Urine. New bags or laundered bags are often a good idea.
  • Sleeping pads – has your pad seen its better days. Or has technology just improved so much that the old egg crate just needs to go?


Texsport 5 Gallon Jumbo Outdoor Camp Solar Shower
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