Burning – Man Prep! Are you ready for the Black Rock!

So I just got back from the ASD show in Las Vegas, and a reoccurring theme started to be heard by people stopping by my booth.”You should set up a booth for Burning Man!

Burning Man takes place every August in Northern Nevada, and I am not sure if they thought since our factory is in Northern Nevada or the fact that we carry so many short term survival, alternative energy and sanitation devices that we would be a great fit.

So to my question in the header.  Are you prepping for this year’s Burning Man?


If you are let me show you a couple closeout items that will make your week in the Black Rock Exquisite.


Power and lights

solarlink240packThe Solar Link 240 -Portable power storage and power distribution centers feature improved battery management technology making them more reliable, powerful and lighter weight. These solar generators are capable of supplying power to variety of tools and appliances. Power is distributed through the USB, 12V DC or 120V AC power outlets. Power generators charge in 6 to 12 hours using the Sierra Wave Solar Collector (sold separately) or the AC wall charger or 12V DC charger (included). Solar Link 240 is a 240-watt generator with a (12V, 20Ah) Lithium ion battery. Easily charges smart phones, tablet computers, cameras, GPS, gaming devies and laptop computers. 10 lbs


The-Sierra-Wave-5-Watt-Portable-Solar-CollectorThe Sierra Wave 10 watt Solar Power  charger –

the Sierra Wave 10-Watt Solar Collector is easy to take anywhere and to generate solar energy for a variety of electronic devices. This foldable weatherproof solar unit comes with a multi-voltage power port hub that allows for 5V USB, 6V, and 15V power output options. Two of these portable solar collectors can be daisy-chained together to increase energy collection.


  • 10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Cells.
  • Foldable, weather resistance nylon case with handle.
  • Power port hub allows a variety of power outputs.
  • Chain together 2 for 20 Watts of Power.
  • 5V USB,5V,9V,12V,16V,19V and 21V – Voltage selections.
  • 12v adaptor for car lighter, cable to connect 2 Solar Connectors.
  • Works well with the Sierra Wave 14-Watt Power Hub, battery charger, and power distribution center (C-80-14W)
  • Dimensions: 8.25″ H x 11.5″ W x 2″ D (folded) – 29″ H x 11.5″ W x 2″ D (unfolded)
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.

Aervoe-Industries-1144-Economy-LED-Road-Flare-Kit-Yellow-Pack-of-6-0-0The LED Roadside Flare kit

Its all about the light in the Black rock during Burning Man. These road side flares can be seen from over a mile away and provide an alternative 7 flash pattern option that can be charged during the day and run all night long.

Our Universal Road Flare Kit contains 6 extremely durable, rechargeable 18-LED flares that are a safe alternative to incendiary flares.  These flares are smokeless, flameless, non-toxic, waterproof, crushproof and come with an impact resistant rubber housing.  Visible up to one mile.

The charging/storage kit is a durable transport case that not only stores the flares but keeps them charged for use when needed.  The kit may be plugged into a 12V vehicle power receptacle or 120V electrical wall socket.  Both methods are included.

7 Flash Patterns:

  • Rotate

  • Quad Flash

  • Alternating Blinks

  • Quick Flash

  • S.O.S. Rescue (Morse Code)

  • Steady On

  • 3-LED Marker Light

  • Operating Temp. 14°F- 122°F (-10 °C – 50°C)

Patent #D707,146 & #9,046,229

Applications:  May be used in any weather condition.  Ideal for road safety identification by emergency responders, or for personal vehicle operators as an emergency signaling device. May also be used on construction sites, in marine applications for boater emergency safety. Place on the road, any magnetic surface, in the water, and much more.



The Luggable Loo system from preparedness industries-


yhst-140423782763821_2405_123353348The Hunter’s Camouflage Luggable Loo Port-A-Potty Bucket Toilet is known by many names such as a port a potty, porta potty, porta john, bucket potty, emergency portable potty, tote a potty, porta pottie, bucket potti, bucket toilet seat, luggable loo bucket toilet, honey bucket portable toilet, camping portable john and more. But none come in as many colors to match your decor and is made to last as long as the original Hunter’s Camouflage Luggable Loo.

Bucket style toilet with traditional snap-on, hinged seat and cover. Lifelike camouflage pattern on a blended green background.

Gotta go? Want to go! When nature calls, answer with camo Hunter’s Loo Toilet! 5-gal. camo bucket portable toilet has convenient carry handle for easy toting, disposal. Includes seat and cover. Safe. Simple. A hunters best friend! Be prepared. Holds up to a 350 LB. Person. Ideal for camping, boating or hunting. It’s ideal for disaster preparedness.

Finally a portable self-contained bucket Style toilet. Features a hinged snap-on toilet seat & lid to hold bags in place. Holds up to a 350 pound person. Portable Luggable Loo Bucket Toilet. Great for camping, businesses preparedness, families, and situations where other facilities are not available. A serious preparedness item.

Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, camper, survivalist or off- roader, the Porta-Potty Portable Bucket Toilet is a great item for all outdoor and serious emergency preparedness enthusiasts. It’s great to have on construction sites, traveling with kids, or at the beach. Anywhere you may need to go while on the go the Porta-Potty Portable Bucket Toilet is a must have item. With a Porta-Potty Portable Bucket Toilet, there is no more squatting in a bush, no more smelly unsanitary outhouses. Just line the Porta-Potty Portable Bucket Toilet with a heavy-duty sanitary liner as found in our toilets section, snap on the hinged seat & lid and the comfort of home is there when nature calls.

Everyone needs a Porta-Potty Portable Bucket Toilet. Porta-Potty Portable Bucket Toilet will go with you anywhere you want to take it. Take it hunting, fishing, camping, boating, vacation, on the job, in the field, anywhere you may need to go.

Travel John Personal Daily Restroom Toilet Kit- 

traveljohnkitTravel John Personal Daily Restroom Toilet Kit


1-Day Restroom Kit with non-spillable pouches, sanitary wipes and tissue pack

Daily restroom kit is designed to offer a complete supply for each day, including urine and solid waste bags.

Daily restroom kit offers a complete one-day supply of urinal bags and solid waste bag. Anti-septic most hand wipes and pocket tissue packs included.

Excellent sanitation kit for all of our portable restroom kits such as our commode chair or can be used where a toilet is not available. Traveljohn Daily Restroom Kit: Is a Personal Sanitary Portable Toilet System.

Can also be used for sanitary containment and disposal of vomit. Motion sickness bags are commonly distributed to passengers on airplanes and boats to collect and contain vomit in the case of motion sickness. Plastic Seasick bags and airsick bags. Hovercraft-ferry operators and even train companies have also been known to supply airsickness bags. Pregnant women with morning sickness and travelers who know they are prone to motion sickness will sometimes use our vomit bags. Air Sick Bags, Sea Sick Bags.

Travel John™ waste collection bags use the same patented LIQSORB pouch and provide and provide the same odorless, spill-proof protection.

Also available in 3 day kit package.

Find more great items for your Burning man experience at http://www.preparedness.com. Closeout price sales going on now.













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