Gamma Seal Lids A Food Storage Solution

Why use the Gamma Seal Lid?

Transform your Buckets into food or pet food storage that is reusable and safe.

If you are beginning your preparations to save food, grains, flour, sugar etc… Gamma Seal lids give you a great solution for easily accessed yet safe and secure storage for all your household dry good items.

The Gamma Seal lid transforms most 12″ diameter plastic pails into leak proof, airtight storage containers that protect the contents from exposure to the environment.  The Gama Seal lid is not only re-sealable, but the heavy duty construction allows it to be reusable. Easily RE-SEALS your pail! or Transforms your clean pail into an airtight STORAGE CONTAINER! Over 150 million 5-gallon pails are manufactured each year. Millions are discarded due to the absence of an easy re-sealing lid.

Transforms a Clean Pail into a Storage Container

Pails make excellent storage containers for the garage or pantry. The Gamma Seal lid is an economical alternative for organizing and storing most anything. The Gamma Seal lid does not require cutting tools or lid removers to open. The lid is removed with a gentle turn of the wrist.

Use a color code System

Another great benefit of the Gamma Seal lid programs are the variety of color options. The Gamma Seal lids we carry come in white, black, Red, green, Grey, Yellow, Blue and Orange.  Add that the variety of bucket colors and you can create your own color code system for age, content, use by dates etc… That would give you over 500 color combinations if you used buckets of the same color.

Gamma Seal Bucket Promotion

Preparedness industries is offering a great bucket / Lid combo package on their site. Bucket and Gamma seal lid $12.00

We believe this to be the best value in the market today by far.





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