7 Halloween Costumes From A Preppers Closet

Ah …  our annual adventure into Halloween costumes.  I recall the various years that mom and dad would create a unique costume for me on Halloween: Hulk, Mummy, Nascar Drive, etc… But sometimes the best costumes were always the ones we made using the stuff in our closets.  Of course for me it helped that my parents never threw anything away, so doing a 70’s Zombie was very easy with the bell bottoms pants and fly color shirts etc…

So this season lets take a look into the Prep closet at Preparedness.com for some great costume ideas. Here are 10 simple Prepper outfits that you might even already prepped at your house.

  1. gorden-of-gloucesterThe New England Fisherman – (Zombie Style if you like) – The Classic Yellow Fishermans hat paired with traditional rain suit and boots will make a great  practical Halloween costume. Add a touch of the creative and paint face up  a toxic mutant  fisherman, turned sea-creature.

  2. Hazard waste man – What is scarier that someone showing up at your house with a Hazmat Suit.  Dawn the All white hooded Hazmat suit at the door. As the little ones ring your bell treat them with a toxic flow of sugar treats.

  3. Doomsday-prepperGas mask zombie – Time to dig out that authentic Isreal Gas mask that you bought for when the SHTF! Throw on some military clothing and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Add a hazard flashing light to the window to help with the atmosphere.

  4. 1351658198842Glow Stick Family – We all have a supply of glow sticks laying around,  find the ones that are about to expire and attach them to any outfit in bulk. The walking Glowstick is not only easy to spot but will get lots of great compliments.

  5. First Responder – Night Glow Vest, first aid Kit and dust Mask and you have the makings of a great first responder costume. Every child-like to be a police officer, or fire truck driver correct.  Well, outfit yourself with some authentic items at http://www.preparedness.com Then after Halloween add them to your prep gear.

  6. Spartan-Vermont-Beast-World-Championships-2013-60sandbag-carrySpartan Race Challenger with Sand Bags– The spartan Race challenge has become an American classic. Use Sand Bags to build light weight carry objects and get a pair of workout clothes and some mud. Spartan look alike ready to go.

  7. tv-doomsday-preppers02The Camping Griswald – Boonie Hat with Fly hooks, Rain poncho, lantern, flashlights, boots etc… raid the hunting and camping chest and try to imagine Clark Griswald camping. he would bring everything under the sun. so prep up your outfit with as many items as comfortably stored or held and have fun being he most prepared person at the party.

Of course, there are a lot more costumes to be made with a little imagination. Greatest part is after this one day event items can be stored and added to your prep gear for future use. A 2 for 1 Halloween. Perfect!


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