Supplies Needed to Survive a Hurricane


Surviving a Hurricane

As Hurricane Erika takes shape and heads towards Florida for the weekend, it is time for a simple reminder that Hurricanes are dangerous and it is important to have a good plan for survival.

Realizing that not all hurricanes are created equal, information is your best friend in preparing for a hurricane.  The national weather service in your area will do their best to predict the on coming Hurricane and give people plenty of time to get to shelter and prepare their property. Remember it is not wise to stare down a hurricane if a shelter is available  take the safe route and get out of harms way. However Hurricanes in many cases are survivable, with proper planning, the right tools and supplies on hand to survive the storms wake.

Key items that you should have ready in case of a Hurricane in your home area are:

  • Non-perishable foods, such as tuna, crackers, cookies, bread, etc. All perishable food must be consumed prior to the storm or disposed of afterwards, as it will be a health risk without mountain-house-sale-freeze-dried-food12electricity. Another alternative is to keep Freeze Dried Food Supplies on hand for such emergencies. Freeze Dried food can be purchased in large cans that will feed a family or in pouches that are made for 2 servings.
  • Bottled water. The water in the area will probably be dirty. Even for months after, boil your water.  Remember people will need about a gallon of water a day. You might  consider a Water filter, such as the ones used by backpackers, Katadyn even makes a larger model for base camps, that would provide water for larger groups. Another option is Water treatment tablets that will help clean the local water and make it safe for consumption.
  • Plywood and tape, to protect your windows – Duct Tape to the Rescue again.
  • A few battery-powered flashlights – Don’t trust your cell phone to be your source of light. they will discharge quickly once power goes out and their is no service to connect with in the area. Also consider Hand Crank Powered lights. save batteries and provides lasting light.
  • Lots of different types of batteries as spares. You never know how long power is going to be out. so be prepared with reserves.
  • A battery-powered radio – A NOAA Alert Radio is very helpful in these disaster regions. Many even come with a hand crank now so that the batteries are not a worry.yhst-140423944563824_2363_3916331
  • Glow-sticks––safer than candles. Good Quality glow-sticks will last 4-5 days in some cases.
  • Generator and its instructions––keep the instructions near or accessible at all times.  If you are worried about gas and exhaust you can also look into solar powered units or units that are plugged in ahead of time and store power for emergency use with out the use of gasoline.
  • Entertainment, such as board games, cards, paper and pens. boredom leads to poor decisions.
  • Pet food and extra water, their cages and comfort blankets/toys, if you have pets.  Don’t forget Fido he will drink about a gallon of water a day also.
  • Extra clothes for everyone, including waterproof wading boots – Rain suits and extra dry clothes are a just a great way of staying warm and sane in the craziness of a hurricane.

Here at Preparedness industries we strive to keep on hand all the required gear one would need for  a hurricane. We welcome you to check out for your supplies.




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