Luxury Camping – The Amazing Camp Shower Experience

 Luxury Camping – The Portable Shower and Cabana

Let’s face it a shower while camping is not a necessity for most. As a matter of fact we probably all can agree there are those that would consider a shower an absolute scared “no-no” if your a “REAL” camper. But when I was little I recall an aunt of mine bringing a portable solar shower and cabana to the beach for one of our great week long camp outs on the California Coast, and thinking now that is living the high life.

Now as an avid outdoors-man and camper I again look at showers as a luxury item and myself prefer to just jump into a cold stream or lake. However if I want my wife to join me camping for more than 12 hours a shower is required. So what about it. What types of Showers & Cabana set ups are there to choose from?  Have Campers created their own concoctions in order to save a dollar and still developed a camp  of a shower?

Here at Preparedness industries we do stock several brands of showers and Cabana set ups to get you started on your “Luxury” camping list.

Here are a few of our most popular items in stock.

Seattle Solar shower
Seattle Sports Eco-Friendly 5 Gal. Outdoor Solar Camp Shower 
Texsport 5 Gallon Jumbo Outdoor Camp Solar Shower
Texsport 5 Gallon Jumbo Outdoor Camp Solar Shower
Summer Shower
3 Gallon Outdoor Solar Summer Shower By Advanced Elements 

Safety Central and sells every model of solar shower out there. We choose to offer the Stearns, Coleman, Stansport and advanced elements outdoor solar Showers due to their superior quality, portability and ease of use.

Of course you could go Outfitter style and have a variety of models and classifications to choose from.

outfitter showers
Hot Tap X-40 Outfitter High Output Instant Outdoor Water Heater & Hot Shower System
Shower Bucket system
Tote-A-Shower Portable Battery Powered Camping Shower System 


At Safety Central we make it easy for you to update your camping gear with portable toilets, camp showers, and camping Hot Water On Demand Systems bringing the comforts of home to the great outdoors. Don’t you just love a hot shower after a day in the outdoors? If so, then take a look at the Coleman camping hot water on demand system or Zodi camping Hot Water system that will provide a welcome relief from the dust and dirt of the camp day. Our portable heated Solar Showers and privacy shelters offer the comforts and privacy of home. We haven’t forgotten that the key to camp showers is portability, so you will find all our items easy to pack and carry.

Our portable outdoor shower line performs well. When hung in the hot sun to solar heat our Solar Showers will produce hot water for a refreshing shower using only the sun, and of course water! Whether used for camping trips, or for emergencies, having a steamy hot shower is a real morale booster! Our 5 gallon Solar Shower will heat 70oF water to approximately 100oF water in about 3 hours of direct sunlight. Conserves precious water and fuel reserves, especially critical in emergencies if a part of your emergency preparedness gear.

 A real treat for backpackers and campers. Made of heavy gauge black or solar vinyl. The solar sun camp shower head features a handy on/off switch to help conserve water when in use. The solar Shower is designed with efficient construction containing an insulator panel, which helps generate warmer water faster. This premium quality shower comes with an easy to use ON/OFF shower head and an extra large screw cap valve makes filling easy. Just simply roll up shower after use for easy and compact storage. It’s an ideal product for camping, fishing, beach fun, sailing, or on your next hiking trip! An ultimate outdoor shower experience with Summer Shower! Absorbs energy from the sun to create a hot shower.

Most campers, hikers and travelers enjoy hot showers wherever one is available, these portable, packable sun-heated solar showers are the best solution. If you plan to use cold river water or cold campsite water, just fill the sunshower and place it in the sun for a few hours for a refreshing sun-heated shower to remove the end of day outdoor grime. A portable solar heated sun shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, construction work, expeditions, etc. Lightweight camping shower is heated by the sun to offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere!

Being dirty is not where it’s at. That’s why showers were invented. Unfortunately, unless you’re into freezing your you-know-what’s off, showers require power. And that means you can’t have a nice hot shower when you’re stuck in the middle of the wilderness. Or does it?

Step forward the ingenious Super Solar Camp Shower. These incredibly useful, eco-friendly shower system has been specifically designed for those moments when you want a shower but you’re miles from power. And that’s because it is heated by the sun! Ideal for festival-goers, hikers, campers and trans-globe explorers, the fully-portable Super Solar Shower is essentially a big vinyl bag that heats water using the sun’s rays, so you can enjoy a warm shower anytime, anyplace. No plumbing or power required. Simply fill the bag with water, place it flat with the black side up and leave it out to soak up some rays. The heat time varies depending on the temperature, but on a sunny day at a temperature of 70°F the water temperature will rise to around 105°F in around 3 hours. Be warned though – the temperature can rise as high as 150°F. Ouch! once the water is heated simply hang the bag from a branch or some other overhanging object and enjoy a solar heated hot water shower outdoors. And with a large capacity you’ll have more than enough water to wash the dirt and bugs right out of your hair.

A Super Solar Shower comes includes a shower head, flow control and hanging cord. Pack a decent bar of soap and you’ll feel refreshed for a nice evening around the campfire!

Our outdoor solar heated portable camp shower has solar-engineered materials and construction to absorb sun rays to Heat water to comfortable shower temperatures in a few hours exposure. Whether you need a dependable portable sun-heated shower for your emergency supplies, or you like the luxury of a warm shower while you’re camping, you’ll love our Solar heated shower units, they absorbs sun and heats water. Carry a solar heated shower on backpacking trips due to the lightweight construction. There is nothing that makes you feel more refreshed after a long day of hiking or backpacking than a warm shower. A SunShower does the job.

Enjoy a warm shower. Now that’s what thermal solar means to an outdoor enthusiast. Let the sun tame that frigid water for you. You know you deserve nothing less than a nice warm shower while camping or hiking. Our heavy duty 5 gallon camp shower bag features a separate fill cap, on/off valve, flexible dispensing neck with shower head, and a sturdy carry handle. A quick hot shower is essential if you don’t want to look and smell like bad when trudging between tents while camping.

A hot shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, construction work, expeditions, etc. Powered camping shower will offer a pressurized outdoor shower anytime, anywhere! Coleman® portable water heater and shower unit.

A heated shower at the end of a long day outdoors is priceless. Our powered portable shower is an essential piece of camping gear. Powered (rechargeable battery) to deliver a spray to clean off the days dirt. Great powered shower to have available for all campers and hikers. Be the envy of the campground! portable hot water heater by Coleman

Hot Water on Demand™ Portable Water Heater delivers hot water anytime, anywhere (For outdoor use only), Instantly gives you more time to enjoy the outdoors. Connect the hose to 5 gallon water container (included) and adjust to desired temperature. In 5 seconds, you have hot water for beverages, washing, cooking, etc. Water is heated by propane (not included). Heats 40 gallons of water on one Coleman 16.4 oz. propane bottle and a battery charge. Pump is powered by rechargeable battery. Accessories sold separately; spray adapter, carry case, water hose adapter, bulk propane adapter. Now take a hot shower while camping (optional spray adapter needed), Heats water up to 160 degrees. Optional accessories now available. AC/DC Power cords included for recharging pump. Portable camp water heater is also great for a hot camp shower.

Battery Powered Solar Shower

The Zodi self-contained portable hand washer and shower includes our durable 4 gallon watertight gear bag that doubles as a solar water heater. Ideal for rinsing dishes, cleaning up, showers and more. After use, the pump, battery case and hose stores inside the case for easy storage.

Coleman Battery operated portable shower submerge the battery-powered pump in water and step on the switch. It’s just that easy! You’ll feel clean and refreshed in no time, anywhere!

The ultimate outdoor powered portable shower. Camping, boating, fishing or hiking; showering, camp clean-up or dishes; use it anywhere for anything, the Coleman® portable battery powered shower gives you instant water pressure at the flip of a switch. All you need to do is add HOT water and four D-cell batteries (not included). Just place the powerful pump into any water source (lake, stream bucket / collapsible bucket) sold separately and flip the power switch located on the waterproof battery case. Extra-long 7-ft. shower hose with on/off flow-control shower head. Water pump with clog-stopping debris filter.

A heated battery powered shower at the end of a long day outdoors is priceless. Our powered portable shower is compact enough to fit in your essential gear. Battery powered to deliver a spray to clean off the days dirt. Great powered shower to have available for all campers and hikers.

Stansport Battery operated portable shower

A portable battery powered shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, construction work, expeditions, etc. Lightweight camping shower will offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere

  • Portable – great for camping, tailgating, etc
  • Submersible pump can be used in stream/lake
  • Use with any water carrier or bucket<br>
  • Large, easy to locate foot-operated On/Off switch
  • Ergonomically designed shower head
  • Extra long 8 foot shower hose
  • High/Low settings for shower head
  • Operates on 4 D-cell batteries (not included)

A portable shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, zodishowerconstruction work, expeditions, etc. Lightweight camping shower will offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere! For Hot showers you will need to heat water in the collapsible solar heating bucket (included).

Can you bring the HEAT? with Zodi you CAN in Seconds…

Enjoy the pleasure of on-demand hot water and instant hot showers anytime, anywhere. Our portable On-Demand Water Heaters and Instant Hot camp showers provide outdoor comfort for all of your family outdoor adventure. Don’t forget the tent heaters…Zodi has a variety to keep your tent warm without dangerous gases and odors.

Customers like you and independent gear testers continuously rate Zodi as #1… Best in value, performance, quality, durability & construction… Zodi is a sure thing! You can count on Zodi!

“Last week at deer camp one of my buddies showed up with a Zodi hot camp shower. I have never been so impressed! When I got home, I ordered one for myself. It has never let me down and a hot shower every day is the only way to go.”

“I saw the Zodi Hot Tap camp shower and portable instant water heater at a Jeep event. Everyone was huddled around like they were waiting for free food but they were in line for a hot shower. That guy was selling 5 minute hot showers to everyone in line including me. I am very impressed.”

I am stationed in Iraq and the days are dusty, hot and long. My wife sent this Zodi shower and it is the highlight of my day. It makes my days short because I have a hot shower to look forward to. Sometimes, there are at least 20 other soldiers wanting to use my Zodi Shower.”

“My Zodi hot shower is great! It connects to the railing on my boat and gives me all the hot water I need. I appreciate that it works without having to run my boat engine and I appreciate that it is tankless.”

“We used the Zodi Hot Tap Shower everyday for 7 months while we were building our cabin in Washington. Who would have ever thought a propane shower would make us as happy as the Zodi Hot Tap did.”

The Zodi Hot Tap is a very high output instant water heater and hot shower system, delivering hours of continuous hot water between propane refills. Designed for professional outfitters, base camps, cabins, and horse trailers, this shower is constructed of rugged steel for extra durability. The long hose allows use all over camp from the kitchen area for the dishes to the shower area without moving the heater. Enjoy the comfort of instant hot showers anytime anywhere. Portable and self-contained, the Hot Tap is one of our most popular on-demand hot showers. Equipped with a stainless steel burner, this Zodi Shower provides endless hot water in just seconds. The powerful water pump delivers great water pressure (requires 4 “D” cell batteries). This Hot Tap is great for family camping.

A popular shower with families and those wanting instant hot water and hot showers for their outdoor adventures.

Stove Top Water Heaters

The convenient Zodi Stove Top Shower is designed to deliver hot water and hot showers using the heat from your existing camp stove. Easy to use! Place the heater across stove burner, submerge the compact pump in water (requires 4 “D” cell batteries) and ignite stove burner. Expect hot showers in seconds! The padded gear bag doubles as a water container. Great for RVs and family camping.

Extreme Series Water Heater – Portable Hot Shower

Featuring stainless steel construction for extra durability and hand pump operation for self-contained use, the Zodi Extreme has been the #1 hot shower of choice for back country use for years. The powerful 10,000 BTU steel stove completes the extreme as truly a self-contained portable hot shower. Includes water temperature indicator and shower-head with on/off control for extra convenience. Great for camping & hunting portable hot shower.

So what about those Cabana’a that element of privacy that some seek while showering in nature.

We have four models on hand:

Texsport® Hilo Hut Portable Privacy Tent, Shower Enclosure & Changing Room
Texsport® Hilo Hut Portable Privacy Tent, Shower Enclosure & Changing Room
Stansport® Cabana
Stansport® Cabana Privacy Tent, Shower Enclosure & Changing Room
Sunshower® Hanging Privacy Shelter
Sunshower® Hanging Privacy Shelter, Shower Enclosure & Changing Room
TravelJohn® Privacy Tent
TravelJohn® Privacy Tent, Shower Enclosure & Changing Room

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